I am officially a SAHM!

(I just learned that SAHM means stay-at-home-mom.) Party Time! Right!? I think... ;D Due to recent events in our lives we believe that Heavenly Father has led us to make this decision. So through much prayer...and mathematics...and lots of Faith we have decided to take the plunge into a one-working-parent household...wait...well one-working-outside-the-house-parent. Since all of us moms know that being a mom is a full time job in and of itself. I am so excited to be able to get into a routine and cleaning schedule...both things that are hard to do when working nights on a not so regular schedule. Already, on Friday I felt like I got more done than I have in forever. It's great! I also will have to get us on a bit of a stricter budget so that we truly can make this work...that should be SUPER fun. (money management is not one of my strong suits) I love that my hubs is the provider that he is and is willing to work hard for our family and for me so that we can do this. I love him so much for it. PS...I might even actually have time to start blogging again! Hope your day is going fantastically! You know sunshine and rainbows and butterflies. :D



It has been almost a year since I have posted on this blog. Nope...I'm not that busy. I wish I could come up with some really great reason. Let's just chalk it up to apathy.

I have honestly been meaning to post for quite awhile now. You know...new pics of the kids and whatnot. Apathy strikes again.

So yesterday, I was driving down the freeway when my tire EXPLODED!!! Okay...it didn't explode, but it felt like it. Seriously. So the tread came off the tire completely. I pulled off to the side of the freeway and climbed over to passenger side so I could exit safely and look at the tire. I was elated to find out that the tire was not flat. It wasn't "driveable" as it was missing the tread but I could make it slowly along the side to the next exit to change my tire in a safer location. Woo! I have never been so relieved....here are the things that had been going through my head prior to that...
*It's not safe to leave the kids in the car on the side of the freeway
*It's not safe to have the kids out of the car on the side of the freeway
*Why didn't I pay for the roadside assistance
*I don't need roadside assistance
*Awww man it's hot outside.
*Maybe I can get my hubby to come and change it for me.
*I want a new car.
But alas...I knew that I could and would change the tire.
So I got down(on the hot pavement no less) to get the spare from under the back of the car. As I'm pulling the tire out an older gentleman comes around the back of car (and scares the poo out of me...I seriously jumped like a foot in the air) and offers to change the tire for me. I told him that I could do it but he INSISTED. Soo cute. His wife and I stood back and watched him do the whole thing...we offered several times to help but he would not allow it. This was his chivalrous act for the day after all. So we stood there...and stood there. It took him a little while but he finished and then told his wife that he thought he deserved an Eegee...I agreed. Regardless of how long it took him or the fact that I could have done it I am so thankful that he was put in that spot at that time to help me. He made my day. So to all of you who see another person in need of assistance....or not in need ;) stop and help...it only takes a minute of your time and you might get an "eegee" out of it.



Dear Lego Manufacturers.
Seriously?! 1000 pieces? $61.00?!
The set that my son "has" to have because he saw it on tv on some commercial that you put on.
Why do Lego's have to be so small? Why do they have to be sharp and hurt to step on? Why does my 4 year old have the need to spread them all throughout the house? Why wouldn't they come with some sort of carrying case or box with a lock on it? Why must it be the ONE thing that my son wants for Christmas? Why can't I justify it?
Le sigh.
So if you, the Lego company, could address the things listed above. I would be more likely to purchase from you next Christmas.
The end.

PS. after typing Lego that many times it looks funny.


Halloween Rap

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Montrose Pools (Catalina State Park)

Sorry ahead of time for the amateur pictures.
So this summer we have been trying to do things that are inexpensive and allow us to have a little "staycation" we have done quite a few hikes and figured out places and things to do on the cheap. :D We had to make up for being such mean parents and not taking our kids to Breakers, or Disneyland. Heh heh. ;D
We all had fun, although, at times I was wishing death on my hubby and his brothers for "tricking" me into this deathtrap of a hike.
I'm really kidding....sort of....the kids loved it and had no problems.

Hunting Tadpoles

The waterfall at the pool we ended up stopping at. (the water pressure was really hard)

Notice the boys hunched over? (see above explanation) and Miss Tia-ever the model.

A rock slide that the kids played on (it was soo slippery)

Sliding! (Did I mention Miss Tia is always modeling?)

This is across from the water slide looking at it.

Oh and just an aside. I wore jeans on this hike and had no desire or plans to get in the water at all...finally I decided I would be fine to go in like knee deep well then I slipped and went under. It was soo graceful. :D


First Day of School

Sigh. Back to school. Bittersweet. The kids are out of the house....but the kids are out of the house. I love for them to go to school but I miss them while they are there. And Tailia is not in school yet so she gets a little lonely (and spoiled) without them here. She will start school next year. It is great too because all the kid's teachers are wonderful and they enjoy class. Thank goodness.
On a sidenote, did anyone else almost die from a heart attack when they got their supply lists for school? I'm pretty sure I blacked out for a little bit.

Did I mention Tai has her own backpack and school supplies so she doesn't feel left out. Did I mention that she is a bit spoiled. Just a bit.


Life is good....no....Great!

My favorite sound?
My kids laughing and playing together.
Some people wonder why I had my kids close together.
There really was no plan, just have kids as they came.
But I am so thankful that they are close in age because they get along so well. They all play together and the boys put up with the girls shenanigans(sp?) and help them when they need it.
I am so proud of all of them.
They are so fun.
Okay..I'm done now :D
What's your favorite sound?