Monetizing, the sun, and peanut butter and jelly.

Alright folks, I added it...see the huge thing on the right there---->
That's monetizing, for a day or so it won't show any ads but then once it does feel free to click on them. wink wink... :) I'm thinking that I might use the money I make from it for a giveaway or something since my broke self can't afford to do one otherwise...hmm...so many possibilities.

So the sun finally came out and stayed for a few days! Woo! Sad thing is that it's going to rain and possibly slush this weekend, slush is what I call the rain/snow mix. Ugh. I wish the weather would just decide, spring or winter, not both! Who do I talk to about this? Okay and it gets worse, I am a mom, a grown up, I should be smart enough to put on sunscreen, especially since I burn very quickly, seriously, if I drive around on a sunny day with my arm resting next to the window of the car I get sunburned...five minutes in the sun, sunburned...you get it, the point is that I went to the park and got sunburned, embarassing. Ugh. I've learned my lesson. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen, unless I enjoy the look of the Lobster face. (I don't)

Last but certainly not least...PB & J...a delightful combination...on bread...not a delightful combination on pants and shirts...or walls. Yes, Tai has done it again...she was quite proud of herself too, she had jelly completely covering the front of her pants, peanut butter on her shirt and hands and a mixture of the two swirled on the wall...where was I during all of this you say? Completing a test online that I will tell you more about later...shame on me for not learning my lesson prior to this but what can I say? I'm an optimist. ;)


  1. You never know what kids are going to do the minute you take your eyes off em :) That must've been great fun to clean up. Tara likes to grab the toilet paper and drag it across the house making a big line. I have to say that I'd rather clean up toilet paper than pb&j.

  2. All your ads are for car washes. So maybe you should take Tai to the carwash and hose her off.

    My kids got FRIED. I'm just a little red. It's my beautiful olive skin tone. Yeah right. Anyway I feel like a mean mom that I didn't put sunscreen on my kids. That's totally lame.