She's Done it Again!

She's done it again! Jessica at How About Orange has created a simple awesome decoration using recycled magazines....or paper....or fabric....endless possibilities and it's simple too! You must must check it out.

Then smile.
Because it's the best!


Wrapping Presents.

Okay so I really really am horrible at present wrapping. I see those perfect packages Martha Stewart style and long for my gifts to look that good...however there are two problems... 1. I'm too cheap to buy all that stuff and 2. I'm too lazy to take that much time on something that is going to be ripped into......just saying.

So for all you craftiest crafty crafters out there...here is a tutorial from Jessica at How About Orange to teach you how to make these terrific Gift Bows from Magazines! Can you believe it?! I know! Anyways...I know I will make about .... 1 .... of these since....as previously stated I am lazy but I thought that they were so awesome I must tell all my friends. So consider yourselves told.


Just the facts.

1. Love my new job.
2. Don't know how people get anything done working these hours.
3. Love love Jeremy for running all the errands, doing all the laundry, and cooking dinner.
4. Love getting home and having all the kids excited to see me...and hope they never grow out of that....what? A girl can have dreams.
5. I get uneasy around passive aggressive people....conflict in general makes me want to hide under a desk.
6. I have 2 dresses that I'm supposed to have sewn by the 11th and have only cut them out.
7. I should be sewing instead of writing this.
8. I am amazed at people in general and how generous they can be.
9. I am extremely thankful for all of my friends and family.
10. I refuse to see New Moon...and am tired of having to hear everyone fawn over a character in a movie/book...he's not real people!
11. I am soo excited for Thanksgiving dinner...mmm



Sometimes I just want to kick people in the shins and run away.

But I don't....that's really what matters right? That I don't?


Where has the time gone?

I have just realized it has been a million years since I have posted a real post. Yes...really...a million. Oi! Where did the time go? Well I'm working...is that an excuse? No...I don't think it's good enough. I think the problem is that I really don't have anything very interesting to say. The kids are in school...we are keeping busy with that. Tailia is sad when the others leave every morning....although she has figured how to play the sad face with daddy...she now has three barbie movies...they are no longer allowed to shop alone together. Um...hmm..Tia lost her first tooth...very exciting...Tala lost his hundredth tooth and knows who the "tooth fairy" is so he decided to come up to me and talk to me about how he thought I should still give him money even though he knows I'm the tooth fairy...harumph...why are they growing up so fast....yes I did still sneak in while he was sleeping and put money under his pillow for my own sake. Let's see...any other news...nope...oh...well I did get a new job which I'm very excited about but nothing special. I guess that's it. But I suppose sometimes no news is good news. Oh and PS... loving the fact that today is November 4th and it hit 90 degrees. Woo!


Just in case you weren't aware...

1. We're back in Tucson. Yup. We're crazy we moved to Utah right before winter and back to Tucson in the middle of summer.

2. Drivers here make me a little nuts.

3. I actually don't mind the heat...as long as I don't have to be in it for long periods of time.

4. I almost had a heart attack when we got the list of school supplies for the kids.

5. Tai tai has taken to singing songs to herself while in the bathroom. (very cute-reminds me of the little girl on Monster's Inc.)

6. I grew an internal alarm clock that wakes me up at 6:30 every stinkin morning...no matter what time I go to bed.

7. After hearing some of the commercials lately I'm considering not letting my kids watch TV anymore.

Well that's it. That's my head this morning.


Tia the Bug Catcher.

Overheard the other day...

Tala: Oh! Tiloi you're about to step on a bug!
Tiloi: Eww! (while jumping onto a chair)
Tia: Don't worry I'll take care of it. (as she picks the bug up and puts it outside)

Hmm...what's wrong with this picture.

Conversation with Tailia.

Tai: Mom I'm putting the toy in the box. (McDonald's toy in Happy Meal box)
Me: You're one smart cookie.
Tai: No mom. I'm Tailia.

Silly me.

And last but most certainly not least.
Overheard while driving.

Tala: Look I can make my stomach really skinny. (sucks in belly)
Tiloi: Look I can do it too!
Tia: Mom's the best cause she has a fat belly.

Aww yes, out of the mouth's of babes.


Public Bathroom Etiquette.

Okay so I work in a call center. Everyone shares desks, very germy. Now don't get me wrong I'm no germophob but I make sure to clean my keyboard, mouse, and desk when I sit down everyday. I mean really...who knows what the last person was doing while they were there. Okay so the problem is everyone is not as diligent as I. Disturbing, I know. So this brings me to my next point, our work has made it pretty easy for us to be germ free, they provide clorox wipes. When they built the building they had automatic flushing toilets, automatic soap dispensers and automatic paper towel dispensers put in the restrooms. Okay so with all these amenities one would think that people have no problem getting through bathroom routines without problem. Nope. I witnessed a girl yesterday come out of a stall and "wash" her hands with water only. Seriously? Does using soap take so long that you can only use water? I mean come on, I was standing right there. At least pretend that you normally wash your hands with soap for my sake. Or when people leave without even washing their hands at all? Ew. I was discussing this with someone and they brought up that people aren't always going to the bathroom sometimes they are just fixing their hair....good point however I feel that if the stall is entered at all and the stall door is touched then one must wash their hands, I mean I don't even want to think about some of the germs on those doors. Ew. So if you are one of these people please take note. If not, thank you for trying to make the workplace less germy for all of us. Okay I'm just going to climb down off my soap box now.


Bomb Threat?

Totally serious, no joke.
So I get to work last night 7:30, clock in. Notice my managers acting weird but blow it off...then before I can even sit down they are evacuating the building. Hmm...
So everyone does as told, drill time...weird that they didn't set off the fire alarm. Oh well. Less noisy. All the way out to the corner of the parking lot. Sitting...sitting...I think we sat and chatted for about 30 minutes. Then spearmint guy (I call him that because his shirt was huge and spearmint colored) comes to tell us that there has in fact been a bomb threat made on our building and to be safe they have to search the building. Great. Everyone needs to move to the parking lot for the building next door. We do as told. No sooner do we get over there then spearmint guy is telling us we have five minutes to go get our cars and bring them into this lot. Phew thank goodness I brought my stuff out with me. Some people left their keys inside thinking it was a drill. So we all move our cars. Oh, did I mention it is raining? Yeah it was raining and a little chilly. So we sit in our cars or stand in the rain...whatever. They call the police who rope off the parking lot then they bring in the bomb sniffing dogs, I know right? Bomb sniffing dogs? Then a fire truck, an ambulance and finally time to search. Then they search, and search, and search. And find....nothing. Well that's good news. In short, three hours paid for sitting in my car with a friend listening to music. Seriously. A bomb threat?


Just what I needed.

Don' t you love when you sit down and read a talk or some scriptures and it is exactly what you needed. Last night I read two conference talks while I was at work and both were like that. Just exactly what I needed right at that moment. Heavenly Father works in such wonderful ways.


Cheap Summer Beauty!

Okay so in honor of the warm weather and the fact that we all love to wear shorts and swimsuits when it gets warmer I am posting some cheap at home beauty treatments I found to take care of our hair and skin so that we can all look great! :)

Pomegranate Body Scrub
1/2 cup pomegranate seeds
1/2 cup white sugar
2 tsp oil
1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil (opt)
In a small bowl combine sugar and pomegranate seeds and crush both with a spoon. Add oil and mix. The pomegranate will naturally scent the scrub but if you want additional scent add a couple drops of essential oil. Massage gently onto damp skin. There should be enough for a full body scrub.

Yogurt Face Mask
1 cup yogurt
1 tbl turmeric powder
Cleanse face and remove all makeup combine yogurt and turmeric. Brush an even coating on face neck and chest using a clean makeup brush or paint brush. Leave on for five to ten minutes then rinse off and follow with moisturizer.

Citrus Hand Scrub
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup sunflower oil
a few drops of your favorite perfume or essential oil for scent
1/2 a lemon or lime
In a small bowl, mix the sugar, sunflower oil, and essntial oil.
Squeeze the lemon or lime juice into the mixture right before you're ready to use. Rub mixture onto hands and feet, then rinse. Follow with moisturizer.

Avacado Hair Mask
Half an avocado, mashed
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup sweet almond oil
Combine all the ingredients and mix well into a paste. Brush on wet hair paying special attention to the ends and let it sit a minimum of 30 minutes while you relax. Rinse out.

Honey Bath
1 cup sweet almond, olive, or sesame oil
1/2 cup honey
1/2 cup liquid soap
1 tbl vanilla extract
Place oil into a bowl then carefully stir in remaining ingredients until fully blended store in a clean plastic bottle and shake before using. Add to running tap water.

Well that's it! I hope you all enjoy!



Thank you all for your comments after my last post. Ha. I promise I am not having a breakdown. We actually are nearly done. Tai has got one-sie's down. Now we just have to work on doing the two-sie's in the potty. ;) We are happy to say that we are almost diaper free. :) Woo!

It only makes me a little sad. No more babies. :( There are some days when I wish we could have more and then there are others, like when Tai is being Tai, and I'm like I don't know how I would deal with her and another baby. So I flip flop. But I know that everything happens for a reason and this is my thing right now. This is what I'm doing. Mom. Yup, I'm good with that.


Still Potty Training.

I cannot figure out what is so difficult.
Maybe it's just me.
Yes, that's it, maybe I'm just doing it wrong.
Pull ups do not work as Tai thinks that they are diapers and can still go in them.
So we switched to underwear only.
Tai no longer wears pants.
Because I'm tired of having to wash that many clothes.
Washing all those underwear everyday is bad enough.
Tai may or may not have been in our backyard naked last week.
Sorry neighbors.
She was brought back in quickly.
Yes I know this disqualifies me from the mom of the year award.
Maybe next year.
In short, progress has been made.
There is doubt that we will ever get there.
But I love her.
And darn it, she has that look.
You know.
The one where you want to be mad and she grins.
Yeah, that one.
The one where I can't be mad anymore.
Time to go, potty time.
Happy Tuesday!


For the love of loveliness!

I found the most amazing blog. This is especially for people with girls out there. But it's fun for all! It's called The Polka Dot Chair. It has some pretty amazing sewing tutorials on it like this one....

or this one...
Okay okay I know, sewing required but they are soo easy and she explains the process so well! You must check her out, trust me there is much more to see. :)
Oh and how fantastic are those fabrics? I'm hooked.


Fun at Sugarhouse.

Okay, be warned, my camera is not very good. I love taking pictures outside because that's the only time any of the pictures come out great.
These were taken at Sugarhouse Park today, which, for Tucson natives, is this amazing park that is huge!!! It has a stream/river that runs through it ends up in a small waterfall into a pond, where ducks, geese, and seagulls reside. So beautiful and the weather was yummy.
So we met Jeremy for lunch and fed the ducks. I love how many photo spots there are here, if I ever get a better camera we are doing family pictures here.

Tia and Tai feeding the birds.

On this one you can't really tell but Tai is getting ready to run from that goose, it's a little too close for her comfort. :)

Posing... Yes Tai is in her church shoes...no I don't want to talk about it.

This is the waterfall I was talking about, sorry it's not that great of a pic.

Tailia posing, isn't it so pretty? This is right next to the waterfall.

Tia posing next to the waterfall, love it.


Monetizing, the sun, and peanut butter and jelly.

Alright folks, I added it...see the huge thing on the right there---->
That's monetizing, for a day or so it won't show any ads but then once it does feel free to click on them. wink wink... :) I'm thinking that I might use the money I make from it for a giveaway or something since my broke self can't afford to do one otherwise...hmm...so many possibilities.

So the sun finally came out and stayed for a few days! Woo! Sad thing is that it's going to rain and possibly slush this weekend, slush is what I call the rain/snow mix. Ugh. I wish the weather would just decide, spring or winter, not both! Who do I talk to about this? Okay and it gets worse, I am a mom, a grown up, I should be smart enough to put on sunscreen, especially since I burn very quickly, seriously, if I drive around on a sunny day with my arm resting next to the window of the car I get sunburned...five minutes in the sun, sunburned...you get it, the point is that I went to the park and got sunburned, embarassing. Ugh. I've learned my lesson. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen, unless I enjoy the look of the Lobster face. (I don't)

Last but certainly not least...PB & J...a delightful combination...on bread...not a delightful combination on pants and shirts...or walls. Yes, Tai has done it again...she was quite proud of herself too, she had jelly completely covering the front of her pants, peanut butter on her shirt and hands and a mixture of the two swirled on the wall...where was I during all of this you say? Completing a test online that I will tell you more about later...shame on me for not learning my lesson prior to this but what can I say? I'm an optimist. ;)


To Monetize or not to Monetize.

So I'm sure that you've all noticed the new button on Blogger recently...Monetize...what could that be I wonder...so I click...apparently it allows a blogger to add Google ads to their page. Which potentially could earn them money. Woo! That would be awesome right...? Well, then I start to think, I've seen blogs with ads before and I can say I have never, not once, clicked on one of those ads. So will it make any money? I've heard that even if someone does click it's only like a few cents per click...hmm...I don't think I even get that many visitors, that would be one heck of a lot of clicks. I don't know...it is kind of enticing...


Easter is coming!

How cute are these!? I am in love with them...in love. I usually don't try to do candy type stuff for treats but these are soo adorable and pretty easy actually...I know they don't look like it but if you are a enticed as I am right now you can go to Bakerella's Blog to find out how to do them. She does the most amazing things...and her pictures...so good!


Automatic Car Wash...

Okay maybe it's just me but I still love to sit in my car and go through an automatic car wash. I decided since it was sunny and I wanted to wash my car but had errands to run that I could just hop into the car wash that is at Sam's Club (I know! How convenient is that!?) I happened to be by myself...I know a little selfish, I usually take the kids but they were sick and home.

I love the pulling in, turning down the radio (which is actually one of the rules, why? I do not know) and listening to the sounds of the wash. So fun...sigh...and now the soap they use is rainbow colored...what more could I ask for? And then when the wash is all done I get to drive through the dryer that makes me feel like I'm in an airplane.

And the icing on the cake? I get a sparkly car out of it...it's like win win.

Here's to the car wash...thanks Sam's Club for making it affordable. ;)


The Sun is Shining!

That's it really I just wanted the world to know that the sun is shining! Who ever thought that I would be excited about the temperature being 63 degrees? I am so happy! It makes me want to go outside and wash cars and trim trees. sigh...so happy...oh and it gets better...it's going to be 70 this weekend! Seriously who could ask for better weather. Yay! I hope your weather is just as good. :)


Fishful Thinking.

The R Family Diaries is having a great contest! Apparently Pepperidge Farms is starting a new program called Fishful Thinking to help all of us instill a little optimism in our kids. It has some fun activities and ideas for adults. You can find it here.



Remember the sneak peak post? Well I finished the blanket I was working on. It was supposed to be a blessing blanket. I had an issue with it though, so I decided I couldn't sell something that I had an issue with. So...I decided to add a pink ruffle and give it to my brother and his wife when their daughter is born in June. I mean it's really cute and there is nothing wrong with it but in order to sell something I demand perfection. Oi, and I crocheted the cutest little ballerina slippers, sorry no pictures yet, my camera is out of batteries, and I have to find pink ribbon to match the yarn first (which is turning out to be very difficult).
(sorry that one is pretty dark)This is a close up of the ruffles.And this is the corner.
I just realized that the color in these isn't so great, I swear, white blanket, pink ruffles.

Okay and a sidenote...I seem to always have sidenotes...anyway...I am going to start selling a bathroom set which includes a crocheted loofah, washcloth(s), face cleaner(s), and a soap envelope. Or they can be bought separately. All of which will be pictured later, when I get batteries. :) And if there is something that you might want specifically I will crochet custom pieces within reason.

Thanks for reading!


Potty training...ahh the joys....

Let me just start by saying that Tailia has recently turned 3, this is the age that I potty trained all the kids. So much easier on lazy old me. lol... Well mostly that's right, the older three potty trained fairly easily. Tai....Tai is another story all together...she has no interest in going to the potty. Not even in being bribed to go to the potty! How dare she not take candy or toys to go to the bathroom?! Harumph. When I ask her if she has to go potty she says no thank you. Well at least she's polite...I guess. Oh did I mention that 98 percent of the time about 2 minutes after she says that she goes in her underwear or pull up and then proceeds to say "Mom, I peed my underwear. " So nonchalant, so matter of fact. She has perfected the art of getting her own pull up or underwear and putting them on, as well as taking the wet underwear to the laundry room or the pull up to the trash. Now if we could just perfect the art of the potty...
So I have had to alter my tactics. Now I just tell her about every half hour to go to the potty, and she whines a little but she does it, all by herself, I help her wipe and either I or one of the kids helps her wash her hands. The problem? Even if we do this great all day if I don't remember to tell her...she just goes wherever she is. Argh! I know I know, we'll get it soon enough. Man that girl is a force to be reckoned with.

Oh and just an update...you all know about the flour incident...(if you don't you can read about that here) I finally figured out how she is getting things from on top of the upper cabinets...no small feat as I need a chair to reach them. Also, shame on me for not figuring it out sooner. She climbs onto the counter...easy enough for her just open the oven and stand on the door or open the drawers like steps and climb up them, once on the counter empty a cupboard (this is a new step she didn't used to empty the upper cupboard otherwise I would have figured it out sooner) then climb the empty cupboard, grab the stuff from the top and throw it down then climb back down. Eh! My 3 year old folks.


Tutorial #1 - Crochet Hooks

So, I really wasn't sure where to start this but here it goes. Crochet Hooks. I guess that's a good place to start right? At the beginning. There are many different kinds of crochet hooks; metal, plastic, wood, and bone. Personally I have used metal and plastic and of those I prefer the metal as the yarn slides better on it whereas with the plastic hooks it tends to stick more.
I have some pictures I found but they are kind of small...sorry.

And for those who prefer a little style in their crochet there are hooks like this...

Well this isn't just a post to show what the different hooks look like.
Hooks come in many sizes which differ depending on where you are in the world. The different sizes are meant to accommodate different thicknesses of yarn. Bigger hooks=thicker yarn. Smaller hooks=thinner yarn. Very difficult eh? There are metric sizes which are number, US Sizes which are letters and number, and UK/Canada sizes which are also all numbers. Here is a conversion chart. I know it's not centered but I'm not so computer savvy. :) If there is anything else you want to know let me know.

Metric Sizes

US Sizes










































K/10 1/2














PS. I have some fun things that I have been crocheting to sell that I can't wait to show...look for those coming up soon.
Oi! I almost forgot! I am having troubles thinking of a name for this little venture...I was thinking that it should be something spunky and fun. If you have any ideas let me know maybe we'll do a little poll to see what everyone thinks.
Thanks for reading!


Sneak Peek...

Hi all! I have been crocheting like a mad woman trying to get some things together to sell. Here is a sneak peek of what I'm working on right now...sorry I have such a terrible camera...I don't know how well you can tell but it is pure white...not off white, not yellow...but oh well, this way everyone gets the idea. :)

PS. What does everyone thing about a crochet tutorial? Is anyone interested? Let me know.



This was Saturday. So precious with her hair in curlers. I love it. And she got her ears pierced since she turns three next week.
And now Monday
Tai and Tia running in living room+Fireplace= 5 stitches and a very fat lip.
This picture is from Monday, she actually got the split on her upper lip but also had a pretty good bite on her bottom lip that you can't really see, so this morning she woke up with the biggest lips ever. I feel bad for her so she gets spoiled.


New Adventures...

Okay I have been considering this for some time now but I have finally decided that I am going to try my hand at selling items that I crochet. Yikes! I am not very business minded so this is going to be very simply done...I hope. (fingers crossed)
Here is where I need some help...if you don't mind. I am trying to decide what I should crochet. I need help...what would you buy if it was reasonably priced and crocheted...I won't hold you to it I promise. ;) I just need to have an idea of where to start...what people might be willing to buy.
Thanks for all your help in advance!


"Candy, Nuts, and Monkey Butts" -Jeremy

Jeremy heard something on the radio about people’s lists of their favorite new albums for the year and was very disappointed with their music selections. In a fit of rage both Jeremy and I decided to put together our own list of albums that WE think everyone would enjoy. Ours, however, is a list of albums that weren't necessarily put out this year but that we love to listen to nonetheless.

1. Josh Groban (all albums)-Favorite of: Both
-you can’t go wrong with Josh. “Dreamy eyes and a dreamy voice to match.”-Jeremy

2. Remy Shand
(The way I feel)-Favorite of: Both
-the best artist you’ve never heard of. Every song on this album is an instant classic. Some albums have to grow on you but this one I liked from the beginning I still listen to it and he put it out 5 years ago.

3. John Legend
(Evolver)- Favorite of: Both
-the perfect album to do chores to, you can listen to it from beginning to end and not get bored.

4. Beyonce
(I am…Sasha Fierce)-Favorite of: Mandy
-this album makes me want to get up and dance, excellent exercise music...or sitting on the couch music...

5. Musiq Soulchild
(Onmyradio)-Favorite of: Jeremy
-if you’re a pop lockin’ fool like me you need funky beats and soulful lyrics to get you through the monotonous day.

6. Joss Stone
(Introducing Joss Stone)-Favorite of: Both
-soulful, fun, and sassy. Her voice reminds me of Aretha Franklin and get this…she’s only 19!

7. Wayne Brady
(A Long Time Coming)-Favorite of: Jeremy
-“Uncontrollable hotness, that just sums it all up right there.”-Jeremy

8. Amy Winehouse
(Back in Black)-Favorite of: Jeremy
-sometimes things just don’t make sense, like purple flying monkeys working for the wicked witch of the west. And sometimes crazy people have awesome voices. She might be crazy, but she sure can sing.

9. Anthony David
(3 Chords & the Truth)-Favorite of: Jeremy
-Fantastic! Plus his soft, soulful songs help drown out the high pitched voice that constantly reminds me to do the dishes.

10. Corinne Bailey Rae
(Corinne Bailey Rae)-Favorite of Mandy
-I get a little scared sometimes when I listen to her songs cause it feels like she has been outside my window writing songs about my life.

11. Jason Mraz
(We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things)-Favorite of: Mandy
-I didn’t like this guy before but this new album has really changed my mind.

12. Julia Nunes
(Left Right Wrong)-Favorite of: Mandy
-look her up on Youtube and tell me you don’t want to be her BFF. (plus she does awesome covers!)

13. Raphael Saadiq
(The Way I See It)-Favorite of: Jeremy
-when the ozone layer has depleted and the sun has scorched the cursed land and all that’s left are cockroaches and underground cave dwellers this CD will still be awesome.

There are many more that we’d like to suggest but after many revisions to our original top “ten” list we were finally able to compromise on this. As you’ll notice Jeremy left his mark on most of these comments.


Happy New Year!/Resolutions

Happy New Year to all my friends and family! We just got back from our second trip to Tucson this year! It was so fun, I'm a big baby so the thought of spending Christmas away from both of our families was more than I could bear. So we went...and well we had to make up a story how Santa was helping with the trip...I love that the kids believe so hard that anything goes. But Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunties, and Uncles came to the rescue with everything they could have wanted. It was so great. I was so happy to just be with family. I miss Tucson...shorts in the winter! Haha, I'm sure everyone thought we were nuts. Overall I'm going to have to say this was a good year I did some growing up being up here making it on our own has definitely brought us closer. In the next year my hopes for us are... 1. to get all the kids through with the dentist (this is a very expensive venture) 2. get organized 3. do more sewing (hmm maybe quilting is in my future?) 4. soak up my kids more 5. Find and purchase better Memory (for my brain) 6. move back to Tucson? 7. start school 8. lose about a gajillion pounds 9. cook more 10. eradicate soda from my diet (and my family's diet-heh heh). Hmm, I'm sure I can think of a million more, can't we all? Our love to everyone and wishing you and yours the best year!
PS. The picture at the top is the ball in Times Square.