Bomb Threat?

Totally serious, no joke.
So I get to work last night 7:30, clock in. Notice my managers acting weird but blow it off...then before I can even sit down they are evacuating the building. Hmm...
So everyone does as told, drill time...weird that they didn't set off the fire alarm. Oh well. Less noisy. All the way out to the corner of the parking lot. Sitting...sitting...I think we sat and chatted for about 30 minutes. Then spearmint guy (I call him that because his shirt was huge and spearmint colored) comes to tell us that there has in fact been a bomb threat made on our building and to be safe they have to search the building. Great. Everyone needs to move to the parking lot for the building next door. We do as told. No sooner do we get over there then spearmint guy is telling us we have five minutes to go get our cars and bring them into this lot. Phew thank goodness I brought my stuff out with me. Some people left their keys inside thinking it was a drill. So we all move our cars. Oh, did I mention it is raining? Yeah it was raining and a little chilly. So we sit in our cars or stand in the rain...whatever. They call the police who rope off the parking lot then they bring in the bomb sniffing dogs, I know right? Bomb sniffing dogs? Then a fire truck, an ambulance and finally time to search. Then they search, and search, and search. And find....nothing. Well that's good news. In short, three hours paid for sitting in my car with a friend listening to music. Seriously. A bomb threat?


  1. Wow, crazy, I would've never thought in Utah. And Yes, there are bomb sniffing dogs, that's what my husband used to do in the military. He was deployed to Iraq doing that, but his dog just sniffed the cars that came on base.
    Oh, and thanks for the potty training suggestions.... we're still working on it... although only 1 success for #1 in the potty.
    Take care!

  2. Did Jeremy call in the bomb threat? I'm suspicious. When I worked at Hardees when I was 16 there was a bomb threat on Christmas Eve. SOOOOO convenient! That was back in the day of payphones so I'm sure some punk sneaked up the street to 7 Eleven and made a little phone call....