Public Bathroom Etiquette.

Okay so I work in a call center. Everyone shares desks, very germy. Now don't get me wrong I'm no germophob but I make sure to clean my keyboard, mouse, and desk when I sit down everyday. I mean really...who knows what the last person was doing while they were there. Okay so the problem is everyone is not as diligent as I. Disturbing, I know. So this brings me to my next point, our work has made it pretty easy for us to be germ free, they provide clorox wipes. When they built the building they had automatic flushing toilets, automatic soap dispensers and automatic paper towel dispensers put in the restrooms. Okay so with all these amenities one would think that people have no problem getting through bathroom routines without problem. Nope. I witnessed a girl yesterday come out of a stall and "wash" her hands with water only. Seriously? Does using soap take so long that you can only use water? I mean come on, I was standing right there. At least pretend that you normally wash your hands with soap for my sake. Or when people leave without even washing their hands at all? Ew. I was discussing this with someone and they brought up that people aren't always going to the bathroom sometimes they are just fixing their hair....good point however I feel that if the stall is entered at all and the stall door is touched then one must wash their hands, I mean I don't even want to think about some of the germs on those doors. Ew. So if you are one of these people please take note. If not, thank you for trying to make the workplace less germy for all of us. Okay I'm just going to climb down off my soap box now.

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  1. YUCK!!! This reminded me of a time that I was in a mall bathroom and a girl walked out of the stall and right out the door. I couldn't believe it. I had to do a double take....we met eyes too. I just hope my mouth wasn't dropped open.....well, maybe I do! After working in the dental field for over 10 years I'm a germophob.
    Happy washing!! :)