Tia the Bug Catcher.

Overheard the other day...

Tala: Oh! Tiloi you're about to step on a bug!
Tiloi: Eww! (while jumping onto a chair)
Tia: Don't worry I'll take care of it. (as she picks the bug up and puts it outside)

Hmm...what's wrong with this picture.

Conversation with Tailia.

Tai: Mom I'm putting the toy in the box. (McDonald's toy in Happy Meal box)
Me: You're one smart cookie.
Tai: No mom. I'm Tailia.

Silly me.

And last but most certainly not least.
Overheard while driving.

Tala: Look I can make my stomach really skinny. (sucks in belly)
Tiloi: Look I can do it too!
Tia: Mom's the best cause she has a fat belly.

Aww yes, out of the mouth's of babes.


  1. haha, you're the best. You always make me laugh. I wish we had hung out more.

  2. Cute! Oh Mandy, I totally miss your kids in primary. And you. And I know you really miss me making an arse of myself. Admit it.