Just in case you weren't aware...

1. We're back in Tucson. Yup. We're crazy we moved to Utah right before winter and back to Tucson in the middle of summer.

2. Drivers here make me a little nuts.

3. I actually don't mind the heat...as long as I don't have to be in it for long periods of time.

4. I almost had a heart attack when we got the list of school supplies for the kids.

5. Tai tai has taken to singing songs to herself while in the bathroom. (very cute-reminds me of the little girl on Monster's Inc.)

6. I grew an internal alarm clock that wakes me up at 6:30 every stinkin morning...no matter what time I go to bed.

7. After hearing some of the commercials lately I'm considering not letting my kids watch TV anymore.

Well that's it. That's my head this morning.


  1. Welcome back to the heat! It's good to have you guys back...I'm sure the folks of Utah miss you all but it's our turn now.

  2. I also wake up around 6:30 every morning... Michael gets me up at that time every day, no matter how late I go to bed! I think I've only slept in twice since Tara was born - and when I say slept in, maybe like 8:30 is the latest!!! jeesh.
    What brings you back to Tucson? I'm sure the Countryside ward will be happy to see you!!!

  3. 1. We're glad you're back in Tucson. That is funny about moving to Utah when it's cold and moving here in the middle of the hotness.

    2. I always thought Tucson drivers were so great compared to Mesa where we used to live. Drivers must have been GREAT in Utah.

    3. I do mind the heat.

    4. I know what you mean about the school supplies list. It makes me wonder why we have lots of kids.

    5. Love that she sings. Whenever Claire takes a shower with me, she is always singing.

    6. That will come in handy when school begins. Not fun that it's happening now when it's still summertime.

    7. Totally agree.

    Loved this post. Just a lot of random info. I really am so glad that you're back. You have a lot of wisdom and great input and church, and besides that, you're just a fun person!

  4. Oh no Summer, drivers in Utah were pretty bad too. I think when I was dealing with Utah drivers I was like Tucson drivers are so much better then got here and they weren't. Haha.

  5. hope you guys are doing good! we miss you.

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