Wrapping Presents.

Okay so I really really am horrible at present wrapping. I see those perfect packages Martha Stewart style and long for my gifts to look that good...however there are two problems... 1. I'm too cheap to buy all that stuff and 2. I'm too lazy to take that much time on something that is going to be ripped into......just saying.

So for all you craftiest crafty crafters out there...here is a tutorial from Jessica at How About Orange to teach you how to make these terrific Gift Bows from Magazines! Can you believe it?! I know! Anyways...I know I will make about .... 1 .... of these since....as previously stated I am lazy but I thought that they were so awesome I must tell all my friends. So consider yourselves told.


Just the facts.

1. Love my new job.
2. Don't know how people get anything done working these hours.
3. Love love Jeremy for running all the errands, doing all the laundry, and cooking dinner.
4. Love getting home and having all the kids excited to see me...and hope they never grow out of that....what? A girl can have dreams.
5. I get uneasy around passive aggressive people....conflict in general makes me want to hide under a desk.
6. I have 2 dresses that I'm supposed to have sewn by the 11th and have only cut them out.
7. I should be sewing instead of writing this.
8. I am amazed at people in general and how generous they can be.
9. I am extremely thankful for all of my friends and family.
10. I refuse to see New Moon...and am tired of having to hear everyone fawn over a character in a movie/book...he's not real people!
11. I am soo excited for Thanksgiving dinner...mmm



Sometimes I just want to kick people in the shins and run away.

But I don't....that's really what matters right? That I don't?


Where has the time gone?

I have just realized it has been a million years since I have posted a real post. Yes...really...a million. Oi! Where did the time go? Well I'm working...is that an excuse? No...I don't think it's good enough. I think the problem is that I really don't have anything very interesting to say. The kids are in school...we are keeping busy with that. Tailia is sad when the others leave every morning....although she has figured how to play the sad face with daddy...she now has three barbie movies...they are no longer allowed to shop alone together. Um...hmm..Tia lost her first tooth...very exciting...Tala lost his hundredth tooth and knows who the "tooth fairy" is so he decided to come up to me and talk to me about how he thought I should still give him money even though he knows I'm the tooth fairy...harumph...why are they growing up so fast....yes I did still sneak in while he was sleeping and put money under his pillow for my own sake. Let's see...any other news...nope...oh...well I did get a new job which I'm very excited about but nothing special. I guess that's it. But I suppose sometimes no news is good news. Oh and PS... loving the fact that today is November 4th and it hit 90 degrees. Woo!