Just the facts.

1. Love my new job.
2. Don't know how people get anything done working these hours.
3. Love love Jeremy for running all the errands, doing all the laundry, and cooking dinner.
4. Love getting home and having all the kids excited to see me...and hope they never grow out of that....what? A girl can have dreams.
5. I get uneasy around passive aggressive people....conflict in general makes me want to hide under a desk.
6. I have 2 dresses that I'm supposed to have sewn by the 11th and have only cut them out.
7. I should be sewing instead of writing this.
8. I am amazed at people in general and how generous they can be.
9. I am extremely thankful for all of my friends and family.
10. I refuse to see New Moon...and am tired of having to hear everyone fawn over a character in a movie/book...he's not real people!
11. I am soo excited for Thanksgiving dinner...mmm

1 comment:

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Fono's!
    Oh you know you'll end up seeing NEW MOON...Jeremy's in it!