Easter is coming!

How cute are these!? I am in love with them...in love. I usually don't try to do candy type stuff for treats but these are soo adorable and pretty easy actually...I know they don't look like it but if you are a enticed as I am right now you can go to Bakerella's Blog to find out how to do them. She does the most amazing things...and her pictures...so good!


Automatic Car Wash...

Okay maybe it's just me but I still love to sit in my car and go through an automatic car wash. I decided since it was sunny and I wanted to wash my car but had errands to run that I could just hop into the car wash that is at Sam's Club (I know! How convenient is that!?) I happened to be by myself...I know a little selfish, I usually take the kids but they were sick and home.

I love the pulling in, turning down the radio (which is actually one of the rules, why? I do not know) and listening to the sounds of the wash. So fun...sigh...and now the soap they use is rainbow colored...what more could I ask for? And then when the wash is all done I get to drive through the dryer that makes me feel like I'm in an airplane.

And the icing on the cake? I get a sparkly car out of it...it's like win win.

Here's to the car wash...thanks Sam's Club for making it affordable. ;)


The Sun is Shining!

That's it really I just wanted the world to know that the sun is shining! Who ever thought that I would be excited about the temperature being 63 degrees? I am so happy! It makes me want to go outside and wash cars and trim trees. sigh...so happy...oh and it gets better...it's going to be 70 this weekend! Seriously who could ask for better weather. Yay! I hope your weather is just as good. :)


Fishful Thinking.

The R Family Diaries is having a great contest! Apparently Pepperidge Farms is starting a new program called Fishful Thinking to help all of us instill a little optimism in our kids. It has some fun activities and ideas for adults. You can find it here.



Remember the sneak peak post? Well I finished the blanket I was working on. It was supposed to be a blessing blanket. I had an issue with it though, so I decided I couldn't sell something that I had an issue with. So...I decided to add a pink ruffle and give it to my brother and his wife when their daughter is born in June. I mean it's really cute and there is nothing wrong with it but in order to sell something I demand perfection. Oi, and I crocheted the cutest little ballerina slippers, sorry no pictures yet, my camera is out of batteries, and I have to find pink ribbon to match the yarn first (which is turning out to be very difficult).
(sorry that one is pretty dark)This is a close up of the ruffles.And this is the corner.
I just realized that the color in these isn't so great, I swear, white blanket, pink ruffles.

Okay and a sidenote...I seem to always have sidenotes...anyway...I am going to start selling a bathroom set which includes a crocheted loofah, washcloth(s), face cleaner(s), and a soap envelope. Or they can be bought separately. All of which will be pictured later, when I get batteries. :) And if there is something that you might want specifically I will crochet custom pieces within reason.

Thanks for reading!


Potty training...ahh the joys....

Let me just start by saying that Tailia has recently turned 3, this is the age that I potty trained all the kids. So much easier on lazy old me. lol... Well mostly that's right, the older three potty trained fairly easily. Tai....Tai is another story all together...she has no interest in going to the potty. Not even in being bribed to go to the potty! How dare she not take candy or toys to go to the bathroom?! Harumph. When I ask her if she has to go potty she says no thank you. Well at least she's polite...I guess. Oh did I mention that 98 percent of the time about 2 minutes after she says that she goes in her underwear or pull up and then proceeds to say "Mom, I peed my underwear. " So nonchalant, so matter of fact. She has perfected the art of getting her own pull up or underwear and putting them on, as well as taking the wet underwear to the laundry room or the pull up to the trash. Now if we could just perfect the art of the potty...
So I have had to alter my tactics. Now I just tell her about every half hour to go to the potty, and she whines a little but she does it, all by herself, I help her wipe and either I or one of the kids helps her wash her hands. The problem? Even if we do this great all day if I don't remember to tell her...she just goes wherever she is. Argh! I know I know, we'll get it soon enough. Man that girl is a force to be reckoned with.

Oh and just an update...you all know about the flour incident...(if you don't you can read about that here) I finally figured out how she is getting things from on top of the upper cabinets...no small feat as I need a chair to reach them. Also, shame on me for not figuring it out sooner. She climbs onto the counter...easy enough for her just open the oven and stand on the door or open the drawers like steps and climb up them, once on the counter empty a cupboard (this is a new step she didn't used to empty the upper cupboard otherwise I would have figured it out sooner) then climb the empty cupboard, grab the stuff from the top and throw it down then climb back down. Eh! My 3 year old folks.


Tutorial #1 - Crochet Hooks

So, I really wasn't sure where to start this but here it goes. Crochet Hooks. I guess that's a good place to start right? At the beginning. There are many different kinds of crochet hooks; metal, plastic, wood, and bone. Personally I have used metal and plastic and of those I prefer the metal as the yarn slides better on it whereas with the plastic hooks it tends to stick more.
I have some pictures I found but they are kind of small...sorry.

And for those who prefer a little style in their crochet there are hooks like this...

Well this isn't just a post to show what the different hooks look like.
Hooks come in many sizes which differ depending on where you are in the world. The different sizes are meant to accommodate different thicknesses of yarn. Bigger hooks=thicker yarn. Smaller hooks=thinner yarn. Very difficult eh? There are metric sizes which are number, US Sizes which are letters and number, and UK/Canada sizes which are also all numbers. Here is a conversion chart. I know it's not centered but I'm not so computer savvy. :) If there is anything else you want to know let me know.

Metric Sizes

US Sizes










































K/10 1/2














PS. I have some fun things that I have been crocheting to sell that I can't wait to show...look for those coming up soon.
Oi! I almost forgot! I am having troubles thinking of a name for this little venture...I was thinking that it should be something spunky and fun. If you have any ideas let me know maybe we'll do a little poll to see what everyone thinks.
Thanks for reading!