Potty training...ahh the joys....

Let me just start by saying that Tailia has recently turned 3, this is the age that I potty trained all the kids. So much easier on lazy old me. lol... Well mostly that's right, the older three potty trained fairly easily. Tai....Tai is another story all together...she has no interest in going to the potty. Not even in being bribed to go to the potty! How dare she not take candy or toys to go to the bathroom?! Harumph. When I ask her if she has to go potty she says no thank you. Well at least she's polite...I guess. Oh did I mention that 98 percent of the time about 2 minutes after she says that she goes in her underwear or pull up and then proceeds to say "Mom, I peed my underwear. " So nonchalant, so matter of fact. She has perfected the art of getting her own pull up or underwear and putting them on, as well as taking the wet underwear to the laundry room or the pull up to the trash. Now if we could just perfect the art of the potty...
So I have had to alter my tactics. Now I just tell her about every half hour to go to the potty, and she whines a little but she does it, all by herself, I help her wipe and either I or one of the kids helps her wash her hands. The problem? Even if we do this great all day if I don't remember to tell her...she just goes wherever she is. Argh! I know I know, we'll get it soon enough. Man that girl is a force to be reckoned with.

Oh and just an update...you all know about the flour incident...(if you don't you can read about that here) I finally figured out how she is getting things from on top of the upper cabinets...no small feat as I need a chair to reach them. Also, shame on me for not figuring it out sooner. She climbs onto the counter...easy enough for her just open the oven and stand on the door or open the drawers like steps and climb up them, once on the counter empty a cupboard (this is a new step she didn't used to empty the upper cupboard otherwise I would have figured it out sooner) then climb the empty cupboard, grab the stuff from the top and throw it down then climb back down. Eh! My 3 year old folks.

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  1. Potty training is so hard! I thought it was supposed to be easy. At least your daughter will go sit on the pot by herself. Mine doesn't even want to sit on it.
    Good Luck!