Remember the sneak peak post? Well I finished the blanket I was working on. It was supposed to be a blessing blanket. I had an issue with it though, so I decided I couldn't sell something that I had an issue with. So...I decided to add a pink ruffle and give it to my brother and his wife when their daughter is born in June. I mean it's really cute and there is nothing wrong with it but in order to sell something I demand perfection. Oi, and I crocheted the cutest little ballerina slippers, sorry no pictures yet, my camera is out of batteries, and I have to find pink ribbon to match the yarn first (which is turning out to be very difficult).
(sorry that one is pretty dark)This is a close up of the ruffles.And this is the corner.
I just realized that the color in these isn't so great, I swear, white blanket, pink ruffles.

Okay and a sidenote...I seem to always have sidenotes...anyway...I am going to start selling a bathroom set which includes a crocheted loofah, washcloth(s), face cleaner(s), and a soap envelope. Or they can be bought separately. All of which will be pictured later, when I get batteries. :) And if there is something that you might want specifically I will crochet custom pieces within reason.

Thanks for reading!


  1. That blanket is awesome. You are a crochet phenom. I am so impressed. You have a definite talent. I would like to learn that someday. I say that about a lot of things. I just need to sit down and take the time, right? Anyways, it is beautiful.

  2. You are so talented!!!! It is beautiful! :)

  3. That blanket looks great! Wow, you learned that so fast. Good job :)

  4. It's beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. wow. talented! it looks great!