Automatic Car Wash...

Okay maybe it's just me but I still love to sit in my car and go through an automatic car wash. I decided since it was sunny and I wanted to wash my car but had errands to run that I could just hop into the car wash that is at Sam's Club (I know! How convenient is that!?) I happened to be by myself...I know a little selfish, I usually take the kids but they were sick and home.

I love the pulling in, turning down the radio (which is actually one of the rules, why? I do not know) and listening to the sounds of the wash. So fun...sigh...and now the soap they use is rainbow colored...what more could I ask for? And then when the wash is all done I get to drive through the dryer that makes me feel like I'm in an airplane.

And the icing on the cake? I get a sparkly car out of it...it's like win win.

Here's to the car wash...thanks Sam's Club for making it affordable. ;)


  1. How awesome is that! I love car washes too!!! I haven't washed a car since I was a kid trying to earn money. My mom used to give me $6 to wash inside and outside of her minivan. I have to say I've done it too many times to want to do it again as an adult. Here's to listening to good music while sitting in the carwash :)

  2. I too love the car wash. My dd hates hates hates them. so i hardly ever get to visit. Dh usually takes the car. :(