I must laugh otherwise I'd cry.

How to start...
I worked last night so this morning I was asleep...
When I was awakened by Tia covered in flour. Yes, flour. She says "Mom Tailia is making a mess."
Very nice.
So I take several (like 60) deep breaths...calm calm calm...then I decide I will avoid the eye of the storm for a moment...detour into the bathroom...
The bath is covered in conditioner, an entire brand new bottle of conditioner...well at least it smells nice....( this is me trying to see the bright side)
A few more deep breaths..
Living room...all cushions removed from couches...of course because one can't be expected to sit on the floor without cushions.
An entire change jar emptied on the floor...that's fine....easily cleaned...right?
On the couch a bowl with a concoction of oatmeal and tea from a torn open tea bag (decaf of course) mixed together...of course not all in the bowl because what better surface for mixing then the couch.
A few more deep breaths...
The Kitchen
Covered in flour.
My sewing stuff out on the table...luckily seems to be relatively in tact.
An open jar of peanut butter, more tea, half a loaf of bread, and dog food all on the floor.
Deep, cleansing, breath.
I guess it could be worse...they could have wet the flour.
Ha! (trying to see the bright side)
And then I realize...it's going to be okay...it may be a lot of cleaning but overall it's just flour and tea and dog food. It's not permanent marker or honey or soy sauce or butter (all of which I have had experience with cleaning). So I choose not to yell or freak out because I will be fine. Deep cleansing breath.
PS. I have not been downstairs and think that I will get this mess cleaned before venturing down there.


  1. Way to put a positive spin on things! Life with children is always an adventure. Gotta love 'em.

  2. She probably wanted to be a little mom and clean house for you and make you breakfast - you know a little tea with some cereal (hey dog food looks like cereal) and some homemade bread (or cinnamon rolls) thus the flour. Who knows may be seeing all that snow outside made the girl hungry OR she just wanted to make her own snow INSIDE Hey, flour is white...sprinkle, sprinkle! WOW!!! Bless your heart for not loosing it. As the years go by I'm sure she will not remember a thing! On the other hand you will - Breath and count 1,2,3...it will be a great story to tell your grandkids.

  3. I would have given them SA-SA's!.. (sa-sa's are candies and hugs cause they're daddy's little girls.)