"Candy, Nuts, and Monkey Butts" -Jeremy

Jeremy heard something on the radio about people’s lists of their favorite new albums for the year and was very disappointed with their music selections. In a fit of rage both Jeremy and I decided to put together our own list of albums that WE think everyone would enjoy. Ours, however, is a list of albums that weren't necessarily put out this year but that we love to listen to nonetheless.

1. Josh Groban (all albums)-Favorite of: Both
-you can’t go wrong with Josh. “Dreamy eyes and a dreamy voice to match.”-Jeremy

2. Remy Shand
(The way I feel)-Favorite of: Both
-the best artist you’ve never heard of. Every song on this album is an instant classic. Some albums have to grow on you but this one I liked from the beginning I still listen to it and he put it out 5 years ago.

3. John Legend
(Evolver)- Favorite of: Both
-the perfect album to do chores to, you can listen to it from beginning to end and not get bored.

4. Beyonce
(I am…Sasha Fierce)-Favorite of: Mandy
-this album makes me want to get up and dance, excellent exercise music...or sitting on the couch music...

5. Musiq Soulchild
(Onmyradio)-Favorite of: Jeremy
-if you’re a pop lockin’ fool like me you need funky beats and soulful lyrics to get you through the monotonous day.

6. Joss Stone
(Introducing Joss Stone)-Favorite of: Both
-soulful, fun, and sassy. Her voice reminds me of Aretha Franklin and get this…she’s only 19!

7. Wayne Brady
(A Long Time Coming)-Favorite of: Jeremy
-“Uncontrollable hotness, that just sums it all up right there.”-Jeremy

8. Amy Winehouse
(Back in Black)-Favorite of: Jeremy
-sometimes things just don’t make sense, like purple flying monkeys working for the wicked witch of the west. And sometimes crazy people have awesome voices. She might be crazy, but she sure can sing.

9. Anthony David
(3 Chords & the Truth)-Favorite of: Jeremy
-Fantastic! Plus his soft, soulful songs help drown out the high pitched voice that constantly reminds me to do the dishes.

10. Corinne Bailey Rae
(Corinne Bailey Rae)-Favorite of Mandy
-I get a little scared sometimes when I listen to her songs cause it feels like she has been outside my window writing songs about my life.

11. Jason Mraz
(We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things)-Favorite of: Mandy
-I didn’t like this guy before but this new album has really changed my mind.

12. Julia Nunes
(Left Right Wrong)-Favorite of: Mandy
-look her up on Youtube and tell me you don’t want to be her BFF. (plus she does awesome covers!)

13. Raphael Saadiq
(The Way I See It)-Favorite of: Jeremy
-when the ozone layer has depleted and the sun has scorched the cursed land and all that’s left are cockroaches and underground cave dwellers this CD will still be awesome.

There are many more that we’d like to suggest but after many revisions to our original top “ten” list we were finally able to compromise on this. As you’ll notice Jeremy left his mark on most of these comments.

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  1. Very creative! You guys must be homebound with all that snow and probably bored too :)
    Happy New Year Fono' family! Wishing you all the best you monkey butts!