Happy New Year!/Resolutions

Happy New Year to all my friends and family! We just got back from our second trip to Tucson this year! It was so fun, I'm a big baby so the thought of spending Christmas away from both of our families was more than I could bear. So we went...and well we had to make up a story how Santa was helping with the trip...I love that the kids believe so hard that anything goes. But Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunties, and Uncles came to the rescue with everything they could have wanted. It was so great. I was so happy to just be with family. I miss Tucson...shorts in the winter! Haha, I'm sure everyone thought we were nuts. Overall I'm going to have to say this was a good year I did some growing up being up here making it on our own has definitely brought us closer. In the next year my hopes for us are... 1. to get all the kids through with the dentist (this is a very expensive venture) 2. get organized 3. do more sewing (hmm maybe quilting is in my future?) 4. soak up my kids more 5. Find and purchase better Memory (for my brain) 6. move back to Tucson? 7. start school 8. lose about a gajillion pounds 9. cook more 10. eradicate soda from my diet (and my family's diet-heh heh). Hmm, I'm sure I can think of a million more, can't we all? Our love to everyone and wishing you and yours the best year!
PS. The picture at the top is the ball in Times Square.

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  1. Love it! I love the list of New Years Resolutions, a gajilion pounds, haha - me too. I'm so behind I haven't even made my list yet.