Still Potty Training.

I cannot figure out what is so difficult.
Maybe it's just me.
Yes, that's it, maybe I'm just doing it wrong.
Pull ups do not work as Tai thinks that they are diapers and can still go in them.
So we switched to underwear only.
Tai no longer wears pants.
Because I'm tired of having to wash that many clothes.
Washing all those underwear everyday is bad enough.
Tai may or may not have been in our backyard naked last week.
Sorry neighbors.
She was brought back in quickly.
Yes I know this disqualifies me from the mom of the year award.
Maybe next year.
In short, progress has been made.
There is doubt that we will ever get there.
But I love her.
And darn it, she has that look.
You know.
The one where you want to be mad and she grins.
Yeah, that one.
The one where I can't be mad anymore.
Time to go, potty time.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love it. You are too cute. Let me know if you find a secret way that works.

  2. Hang in there. She will not wet her pants forever. I never worried about potty training, because they do it when they are ready. Maybe that is too casual of an attitude towards it. Does she love to play? I had a couple of those that just did not want to stop playing to take care of business. So, I made the cleanup drudgery and it took a LONG time to clean up. But, they have to be old enough to understand the consequences. You are a great mother, just hang in there.

  3. Hi! Popping over from SITS - you were on roll call ahead of me today so thought I'd visit and say hello.

    That park looks like fun and your kids are just precious! Good luck with the ads.

  4. That least you have a good sense of humor. Everyone is different and when she finally figures it out you will be hearing angels (or you'll be) singing "Alleluia!"
    The "ultimate reward" worked for Jonathan. Good luck!

  5. I meant "AT" least...I can't type and nurse Joshua at the same time without making mistakes.

  6. Hi..Thanks for stopping by my blog from SITS!
    Listen, I went through the same thing....It WILL get better, I promise!
    What did the trick for me was a gumball machine. I know, your saying aren't they a little young for that right? But my son was nearing 4 and was still having some trouble.
    So, one night while out at our favorite restaurant...our waitress said she had a son the same age and through talking told us about how she used a gumball machine....and pronto, we went to Toys R Us bought one, and within two days he had it down!!!
    Just an idea..you could even use stickers, or other little gifts....every time she is successful, let her pick one!!! :)