I am officially a SAHM!

(I just learned that SAHM means stay-at-home-mom.) Party Time! Right!? I think... ;D Due to recent events in our lives we believe that Heavenly Father has led us to make this decision. So through much prayer...and mathematics...and lots of Faith we have decided to take the plunge into a one-working-parent household...wait...well one-working-outside-the-house-parent. Since all of us moms know that being a mom is a full time job in and of itself. I am so excited to be able to get into a routine and cleaning schedule...both things that are hard to do when working nights on a not so regular schedule. Already, on Friday I felt like I got more done than I have in forever. It's great! I also will have to get us on a bit of a stricter budget so that we truly can make this work...that should be SUPER fun. (money management is not one of my strong suits) I love that my hubs is the provider that he is and is willing to work hard for our family and for me so that we can do this. I love him so much for it. PS...I might even actually have time to start blogging again! Hope your day is going fantastically! You know sunshine and rainbows and butterflies. :D

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  1. That is beyond awesome cousin. Hope things work out greatfor you guys!! Best wishes for the new routine.