Rocksteady AKA Rocky

Well we finally broke down and did it. We got a dog, from the Humane Society of course. We went in and we weren't really planning on buying one but then we saw Rocky and our plans changed. :) He is very good, so calm and good with the kids. We actually haven't heard him bark once. We were going to call him Rocksteady which is from the Ninja Turtles there are 2 villains, Bebop and Rocksteady, Jeremy has always wanted to name dogs those names so here we are...unfortunately Tailia cannot say Rocksteady she only says Rocky so we are calling him Rocky for short. The boys are already learning that they have new chores now to pick up the dog doo doo and to feed and water him. So far the girls and I have been doing the walks. Anyway...that's the news for now.

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