Tai's first injury.

Well, we took Tailia to the Dr. this morning. She has a hairline fracture in her foot.
Last night she came in crying and limping, I calmed her down and just figured she stubbed her toe or something. But when she woke up this morning still limping we decided to take her in. The dr we go to is so wonderful they have everything right there in the same building so he looked at her foot and then we walked over to the xray area, they took an xray, the dr looked at it and determined that it was a hairline fracture. He wrapped it in an ace bandage and said that it should heal itself (fingers crossed). All of that only took about 45 minutes...I was so surprised at how quickly and smoothly it went. They are wonderful. Tai is doing good she is playing just like she normally would except for her slight hobble.

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