Life is good....no....Great!

My favorite sound?
My kids laughing and playing together.
Some people wonder why I had my kids close together.
There really was no plan, just have kids as they came.
But I am so thankful that they are close in age because they get along so well. They all play together and the boys put up with the girls shenanigans(sp?) and help them when they need it.
I am so proud of all of them.
They are so fun.
Okay..I'm done now :D
What's your favorite sound?


  1. Mandy, I just LOVE this post and I need to be more like you. Currently (and I'm sure it's because Cory has been out of town so much and I am sleep deprived), my favorite sound is silence. But that is so great that your kids get along so well now. Me and my siblings were close as children which helped us to be good friends as teenagers, and now, best friends as adults. I think you did it right!

  2. Yes...I do wish they could be happy about school ALL year long! But, I'll take it while I got it! Hope you guys had a happy first day of school.