First Day of School

Sigh. Back to school. Bittersweet. The kids are out of the house....but the kids are out of the house. I love for them to go to school but I miss them while they are there. And Tailia is not in school yet so she gets a little lonely (and spoiled) without them here. She will start school next year. It is great too because all the kid's teachers are wonderful and they enjoy class. Thank goodness.
On a sidenote, did anyone else almost die from a heart attack when they got their supply lists for school? I'm pretty sure I blacked out for a little bit.

Did I mention Tai has her own backpack and school supplies so she doesn't feel left out. Did I mention that she is a bit spoiled. Just a bit.


  1. Your kids are so CUTE! The one in the yellow shirt looks a lot like you! I can't tell the boys apart anymore, they're so grown.

  2. I can't tell the boys apart as easily as I us to. It's almost impossible in the pictures... they're all growing up! :)

  3. They are so cute! Tai needs to come over and play with Blair sometime. She is lonely too!