Montrose Pools (Catalina State Park)

Sorry ahead of time for the amateur pictures.
So this summer we have been trying to do things that are inexpensive and allow us to have a little "staycation" we have done quite a few hikes and figured out places and things to do on the cheap. :D We had to make up for being such mean parents and not taking our kids to Breakers, or Disneyland. Heh heh. ;D
We all had fun, although, at times I was wishing death on my hubby and his brothers for "tricking" me into this deathtrap of a hike.
I'm really kidding....sort of....the kids loved it and had no problems.

Hunting Tadpoles

The waterfall at the pool we ended up stopping at. (the water pressure was really hard)

Notice the boys hunched over? (see above explanation) and Miss Tia-ever the model.

A rock slide that the kids played on (it was soo slippery)

Sliding! (Did I mention Miss Tia is always modeling?)

This is across from the water slide looking at it.

Oh and just an aside. I wore jeans on this hike and had no desire or plans to get in the water at all...finally I decided I would be fine to go in like knee deep well then I slipped and went under. It was soo graceful. :D

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  1. That is awesome! I never would have thought about going to Catalina State Park in the summertime. I took Caitlynn up there to the Romero Pools during Spring Break and I felt so hot the whole time that I said, "Next time we'll come back in the winter!" But, I never thought about going in the summer and then actually getting wet! And I wish you had a picture of you "falling with grace." :)