I love my husband!

Tia has developed a new found love for nail polish. Unfortunately since Tai has been in love with nail polish and painted many a thing with it (poor couch) we got rid of all the nail polish in the house. So to indulge Miss Tia I went and got some clear with sparkles...I thought this would be a little less damaging if painted on anything else. Anyways...I digress...Miss Tia decided that she needed to practice her skills and unfortunately I had to leave for work. She was so upset by this fact that my sweet husband let her paint his toe nails. It was so cute...notice the blue blanket under his foot...she decided she needed that there just in case there were any drips. So I snagged these pictures right before I left. So cute!


  1. thats too funny. jeremy...what i good dad. i wish i was there at volleyball last nite so i could have made fun of him. lol!

  2. Hello Fono's!
    We miss you down here in the desert. Hope your enjoying Utah.
    What a great dad!!! Cute story. Take care. The richardson's
    Scott, Kendra, Jessica, & Jake