Pumpkin Carving

Tia's Spider Pumpkin

Jeremy's Panda Pumpkin

Tiloi's Bat Pumpkin

Tailia and Mom's Ghost Pumpkin

Tala's Grim Reaper Pumpkin

Well since we didn't do the pumpkin patch this year I thought I would do a post of our carvings. We did them last night for fhe activity. The kids all picked their designs off the internet. Of course I ended up doing most of the carving. Jeremy and Tala did their own but the rest of them were mostly done by me. The only thing I'm hoping is that they don't rot by Halloween. I am hoping that it's cold enough outside to preserve them and I read online that if you put vaseline on the parts that are carved it will help preserve it. We'll see! Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. MOVE to the side Martha Stewart!
    FUN, FUN! You guys have a nice selection...Have a fun and safe Halloween!

  2. wow! those are so freaking good!

  3. Awesome job! and way to go for Tala to carve his own, it looks great.