The Locusts are Coming!

Okay so I have now officially seen a few too many of these creatures to think that it's just a random large grasshopper. To be honest I'm not really sure exactly what this is but I can tell you they are quite large, and completely harmless, thank goodness, because Tia and Tailia want them as friends so they want to chase them and grab them. FUN!!! Luckily none have made it into the house yet. I'm not so worried about spiders and bugs that crawl but anything that jumps or flies I get a little squeamish. I think that might be from being attacked by June bugs in Tucson...well maybe not attacked but when one gets stuck in your hair that's what it feels like! Well I guess overall I should just be thankful that my kids are okay with bugs...cause I don't want to have to be the one that squishes them.

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  1. Sorry to tell you this Mandy, but that is just a random large grasshoppers. I'm not a particularly squeemish person, but I can't stand grasshoppers and the clicky noise they make and how they hop and fly around like crazy. Good luck with your infestation. Love ya!